Weight Loss With Green Coffee – Proven Truth

Gaining weight and obesity amongst adults is becoming a worldwide problem. This has called in for newer and quicker alternatives that one can switch to for weight loss. Having green tea is a well known way in order to get rid of the extra pounds on the body, and that too, without compromising with one’s health. An alternate to green tea, green coffee is one of the brand new weight and fat loss products that have entered the market.

Can you really be able to lose weight with green coffee?

The question that arises now to most people’s minds are Kann man wirklich mit grünem Kaffee abnehmen? Green coffee comes from the green coffee beans, which are coffee beans that are not roasted. This lack of roasting is what makes these beans an important product for weight loss. Roasting of coffee beans leads to a reduction of the cholrogenic acids in green coffee beans. These are active compounds in green coffee beans and are beneficial for health. They also have a positive influence on fat metabolism and blood sugar.


Are Green Coffee Extracts Safe?

According to a study conducted on 16 overweight persons by a university in Pennsylvania for about 22 weeks, green coffee was found to be safe and helpful in reducing about 16 pounds in an individual on average. From the results of this study, this was found that consumption of green coffee improved insulin and glucose balance, increased satiety, reduced liver and blood fats, increased abdominal fat burning and so on. Unlike the regular coffee consumption that increases blood pressure, green coffee worked exactly in the opposite direction. Green coffee reduces blood pressure and thus, is an essential product for those who are suffering from high blood pressure.

How does Green Coffee Work?

The study revealed that the green coffee worked out well for weight reduction in 16 overweight individuals and that too, without any ill side effects. It was also found that not only did consuming green coffee helped in reducing weight; it was also beneficial for one’s health and a major solution to high blood pressure problems. So, Kann man wirklich mit grünem Kaffee abnehmen?

For those 16 overweight people, green coffee extracts worked by blocking those fats that the body cannot use as a source of energy. It also helped the body to absorb carbohydrates that act as a catalyst in using the available fats more efficiently. It is believed that one does not have to follow any specific routine or do dieting or do any kind of rigorous exercise while consuming green coffee, in order to reduce weight as these pills help in reducing weight by regulating body’s functioning, in a way, that has a positive effect on the body.
Although the study results appear to have worked in favour of green coffee for weight loss, it did have certain drawbacks. Firstly, the study was conducted on very few individuals i.e. the sample size was very small; hence, the possibility for errors was too high. Additionally, these 16 people took supplements instead of whole foods. The study, however is not inconclusive as it has laid down solid grounds for deeper research to answer: Kann man wirklich mit grünem Kaffee abnehmen?